Love Thy Vampiress Update

Okay, whilst I wait for the finishing touches for Soul Anomaly Manga Chapter 14 to be completed, I decided to add all of Love Thy Vampiress to the site. This is a story that I go on and off with, I’m hoping to continue to update it a bit more regularly.

Anyway if you want to check out the story here is the link. As mentioned it shouldn’t be too much longer for the next manga chapter to be completed (At time of writing I’m waiting on the final 3 pages).

Soul Anomaly Manga Ch11

Well it has been a little while everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe. Anyway here is the next chapter for Soul Anomaly’s manga version: Here.

I have changed a few minor points from the web novel, adding in minor scenes here and there, but it shouldn’t be deal breaker, if anything I hope it is an improvement.

Any thoughts other than “Why is this left to right?”, please feel free to share them.

Soul Anomaly Manga Ch10

How do, I have decided to split what was chapter 10 into two separate parts due to its length. As such chapter 10 is available here.

I must give proper thanks to my artist at House of imagi studio, they really exceeded my expectations with some of this.

Also I have added a few colour pages for the 1st chapter. I intend in future for the first few pages (excluding covers) of each chapter to be in colour, it will take a while before these edits are up to date though.

Where ever you are in the world, stay safe.

Soul Anomaly Manga Ch09

Well it is finally time. Chapter 9 for the Soul Anomaly manga is now complete. Sorry it took so long, but it is quite a bit longer than previous chapters. The next chapter is actually even longer although I am considering breaking it down into two parts. I’ve also discussed a more regular page release policy with Houseofimagistudio whom handle the art, so hopefully the next chapter won’t take as long to finish.

Also I promise next time I’ll work a bit harder on the author notes, so please don’t lynch me for it.

Anyway read it here