Soul Anomaly Manga Chapter 05

Well another chapter for the manga version of Soul Anomaly is complete. Read here. It will probably take a little longer than usual for the next chapter as there are ten more pages in comparison to this chapter. I Also realised that each chapter is missing a title page so my artist is also going back to do them. I hope people will stick with us.


Soul Anomaly Manga Chapter 04

I’ve finally found time to add chapter 4. Yuichi’s genius really shines in this chapter. Just as a little disclaimer the part in regards to the chicken in this chapter is not based on any real event (I swear it isn’t).

Read chapter 4 here.

Soul Anomaly Manga Chapter 03

Well finally had time to put this all together. Soul Anomaly (manga version) Chapter 03 complete. Check it out here. With every new page that is complete I can’t help but smile to myself. People can say I can’t write or whatever but it will never dampen my spirits. As is the same with everything that is image based, I write the story but I don’t draw any of it myself.