Soul Anomaly


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List Of Characters

Web Novel Chapter List

Volume 01

Chapter 1: How It All Began

Chapter 2: Meeting The Reaper
Chapter 3: The Revival Of Yuichi Shiro
Chapter 4: To School I Go
Chapter 5: First Day Back
Chapter 6: How To Win A Pet
Chapter 7: The Underworld
Chapter 8: Training In The Underworld
Chapter 9: Underworld Party
Chapter 10: The Soul Slayers
Chapter 11: Rejuvenate Yuichi
Chapter 12: Ren Versus Vincent
Chapter 13: Team Yuichi Versus Vincent
Chapter 14: Return To Peace
Chapter 15: Peace Is Always Short
Chapter 16: Conference Between Slayer And Anomaly
Chapter 17: Trivia Before Storm
Chapter 18: Date With Anomaly And Slayer
Chapter 19: United Front Against A Common Enemy
Chapter 20: Alicia and Alma’s Past
Chapter 21: Yuichi Vs Alma


Volume 02

Chapter 22: The Underworld T.C. Grand Prix Prelude
Chapter 23: The Underworld T.C. Grand Prix Main Event

Chapter 24: Event’s After Party
Chapter 25: Mission Possible
Chapter 26: Prelude Of Things To Come
Chapter 27: Enigma’s Warning
Chapter 28: Reconciliation
Chapter 29: Meeting With The Remaining Wielders
Chapter 30: The Battle Begins
Chapter 31: Versus Enigma I
Chapter 32: Versus Enigma II
Chapter 33: Versus Enigma III
Chapter 34: The Shadow Of Enigma
Chapter 35: Versus Enigma IV
Chapter 36: Versus Enigma V
Chapter 37: Versus Enigma VI
Chapter 38: The Shadow Moves
Chapter 39: Battle Between Evils I
Chapter 40: Battle Between Evils II
Chapter 41: Versus Enigma VII

Volume 03

Chapter 42: Fun With The Two Sisters
Chapter 43: The Betrothed’s Respective Fights

Chapter 44: Disturb Or Disturbed
Chapter 45: The Coup
Chapter 46: Plan Of Attack
Chapter 47: Infiltrate The Crusader
Chapter 48: Battle Against The Hex Begins
Chapter 49: Lycan #13
Chapter 50: Battles Underway
Chapter 51: Battles Of Fire
Chapter 52: The One Who Dominates Gravity
Chapter 53: Overcome The Asura
Chapter 54: Fight The Pull, Kill The Push
Chapter 55: Topple The Guardian
Chapter 56: The Next Battle Stage
Chapter 57: Reno Vs Owari Fool
Chapter 58: Decisive Battle Against The Disturbed
Chapter 59: Battle Between Two Prodigies

Volume 04

Chapter 60: Trip Preparation
Chapter 61: (Un)peaceful Days
Chapter 62: Heart To Heart
Chapter 63: Ren’s Insecurities
Chapter 64: Reunion Of The Sister And The Clone
Chapter 65: Date To Conflict
Chapter 66: The Inquisition’s Assault
Chapter 67: Sicily’s Truth
Chapter 68: Know Your Inquisitors
Chapter 69: To Avalon’s Castle
Chapter 70: Traverse The Avalon
Chapter 71: Fighting A Hidden Enemy
Chapter 72: Elizabeth Vs Xiao
Chapter 73: Alma Vs Tsumi
Chapter 74: The Fiancee’s Respective Battles
Chapter 75: Battle The Hydra
Chapter 76: A Glimpse Of The Origin
Chapter 77: Battle Against Iodine

Volume 05

Chapter 78: A Pleasant Day In The Pandemonium Home
Chapter 79: Reunion Of Grandfather And Grandchild
Chapter 80: Escorting Two Pandemoniums
Chapter 81: Visiting Pandemonium Reaper School
Chapter 82: The Cowardly Cow And The Shadow Friend
Chapter 83: Dealing With Terrorists
Chapter 84: Alicia Vs Sairan
Chapter 85: Yuichi Vs Forsaken
Chapter 86: Stronger Connection
Chapter 87: Alexander’s Gift
Chapter 88: Be Reborn
Chapter 89: New Acquaintance And A New Source Of Resolve
Chapter 90: FELIA Moves
Chapter 91: Battle Against FELIA Begins
Chapter 92: Versus FELIA I
Chapter 93: Versus FELIA II
Chapter 94: Versus FELIA III
Chapter 95: Versus FELIA IV


Omake 01: Yuichi Shiro’s Nightmare
Omake 02: Yuichi In Kantoland
Omake 03: Yuichi In Character Poll
Omake 04: Yuichi Superhero
Omake 05: Yuichi In England

Further chapters are available here. I shall add them onto here after I have finished editing them.

Ch 01 - 000

Rules for uploading the manga chapters on other sites

Feel free to upload the chapters of the manga/web comic where you please. I want as many people to read it as possible so it only helps me out. The only things I will not stand for is claiming the work as your own or making a profit off of it. By this I mean directly selling the content, having ads on the site is no issue.

I also have no qualms about people translating the chapter in other languages (I can’t think that anyone would want to, but you never know), same principle though, it must be non profit.

Manga Chapter List


Anomaly 01: How It All Began
Anomaly 02: Meeting The Reaper
Anomaly 03: Yuichi Shiro’s Revival
Anomaly 04: To School We Go
Anomaly 05: First Day Back (Part 1)
Anomaly 06: First Day Back (Part 2)
Anomaly 07: Leaving For The Underworld
Anomaly 08: Meet The Pandemoniums
Anomaly 09: Underworld Party
Anomaly 10: Muramasa-Masamune’s Wielder Part 1

Vol 2 - cover page_text - rev

Anomaly 11: Muramasa-Masamune’s Wielder Part 2
Anomaly 12: The Human Anomaly’s Best Friend
Anomaly 13: Pay Back For A Friend
Anomaly 14: Reaper Vs Slayer

7 thoughts on “Soul Anomaly”

  1. Could I Ask why does it take imagi studios months to crank out another manga chapter of “Soul Anomaly”? I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, it’s just that some chapters are released many months apart from each other, can you tell me why that is, and what is being done about it?


    1. Simple answer because I fund the project out of my own pocket, it’s my fault not their’s. I have them do that so I don’t go bankrupt. I also am doing this as a hobby thus I refuse to do things like patreon or any other thing to take money from others (because it would just put pressure on me). So I do apologise, but there is very little that can be done about it at this moment.


      1. Thank you very much for your explanation, I appreciate you taking the time to explain. In the meantime just keep on doing what you are doing, I look forward to seeing the next manga chapters to come. I wish you luck and all the best.


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